How to Get Rid of Your Inner Racist on Netflix

It’s a classic refrain: You don’t have to be a white person to love Netflix.

The service has been making strides in combating racist content for years.

Now, it’s adding a new twist.

Netflix’s vice president of diversity, Katie Mazzola, told the Guardian in an interview that the company’s diversity efforts are “really focused on making sure we’re really inclusive” and “trying to make sure that we are reflecting our diverse communities.”

In addition to tackling racism, Mazz, a former senior vice president at Disney, said Netflix is also looking to create a more diverse content library, which includes original programming.

Netflix says its content is diverse, but it has yet to provide a list of the programs it’s produced that reflect the diverse experiences of its customers.

“Netflix is a very diverse company, and that includes the creators of all kinds of shows, but we have to do more than that,” Mazz said.

“We have to take a look at the shows that are being produced, and how we are using that diversity to be inclusive.

That includes what we are doing with our content to be welcoming to people, to make our content a place where people feel safe, to feel comfortable.”

Mazz says Netflix is doing a lot of work to be more inclusive, but also to tackle racism.

For example, the company launched a new site to address racism, and it has recently begun to use a more transparent approach in hiring and hiring practices.

Mazz also pointed out that Netflix’s approach to diversity is different than other tech companies.

“What we are trying to do is to make the company that’s the most inclusive and the most open to diversity,” Mazola said.

Netflix has also announced plans to bring in a “transparent and collaborative culture.”

She also stressed that diversity is not a given in tech companies, and the company is committed to diversity as a priority.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said in a statement that the move is a “good first step” toward creating more diverse shows, and added that the “Netflix experience is inclusive to all who want to watch it.”

Netflix is not alone in pushing diversity.

In the past year, several major tech companies have made efforts to better reflect the lives of people of color.

Facebook is currently working on a diversity policy, and Apple is working to implement its own diversity policies for its employees.

Google, meanwhile, has launched a program called Glasshole, which will be rolling out across the company this summer.

Google also has a diversity program that includes hiring a diversity manager.

Netflix said it is currently recruiting a diversity coordinator for the diversity team.