Why do so many films still have a bad ending?

There’s no denying the power of a film’s ending.

Whether you’re a hardcore fan or not, you can always feel a certain level of satisfaction when the end credits roll and the film ends with a bang.

But the end of any film is usually not the most thrilling moment, but rather the final act of the film that begins with the film’s big climactic battle.

But there’s a reason for this, and that reason is the power and impact of a director’s story telling.

Let’s start with a film like The Prestige, which has an amazing ending.

After the climactic fight in the opening scene, we’re left to ponder what the final battle was all about.

We know that the protagonist, Henry, is killed in the first action scene of the movie, so we know he’s going to die, and yet we can’t see his final moments in the film.

Why can’t we see his last moments in his final act?

Well, this is because The Prestigemme director James Cameron decided to go for a more poetic ending.

Instead of letting the audience see his death and leave him to the end, he allowed his audience to find the last moments of his life through the story of his wife, Vivian.

When Vivian tells Henry that she’s having a miscarriage, he asks her to be his surrogate, and she agrees.

In the end he says goodbye to his wife and tells her to never leave him.

When he’s gone, Viv is left to face the consequences of what happened.

As we see in the movie’s end credits, the film ended with Vivian dead, and the final scene was the culmination of her life.

It’s no surprise that this ending works, as it is so well told and told well.

But the power comes from the fact that The Prestigo director James C. Cameron, while giving us the last few moments of Henry’s life, also gave us a glimpse of Vivian’s final moments.

It may not seem like much, but Vivian has a beautiful final scene in The Prestygme.

She leaves Henry in his own words, and we see her finally leaving the house, and her final moment is a beautiful embrace with the man who killed her.

It’s an incredibly powerful ending that ends on such a strong note, and one that is still as emotionally powerful as it was before.

I think it’s important to know that we can go back to The Presty’s ending to explore what we could’ve learned from it, because in this film we learn that the ending doesn’t have to be so dramatic and dramatic.

We can still look at what could have been in the end if we simply followed the story.

In other words, we can look back on The Prestypegme and see that it was a story that could have ended with the hero returning to his castle, and not with his wife dying in front of him.

This brings us to the final showdown of The Prestogeme, where the hero fights a giant dragon.

When Henry meets the dragon, he tells the dragon to stay away from him, but the dragon responds with a roar and a giant claw that cuts Henry in half.

The dragon is angry that Henry didn’t give up on him when he saw the potential in him.

It is a powerful ending, but it doesn’t always hold up.

In The Prestogiem, the dragon is killed by the hero, and Vivian is left with the final fight.

She finally fights the dragon and, by the end the scene is still strong and emotional, and it’s also one of the few scenes in the entire film that gives us a chance to reflect on what we’ve learned.

The last few seconds of the fight show the dragon’s weakness, but its a weakness that the dragon can easily use against Henry, who is still a young man.

Vivian can’t do anything against the dragon because she can’t defeat it in one blow, but she can easily defeat it with her fighting skills.

In this case, it’s the ability to see the dragon from the other side, and this gives us an insight into the power the dragon holds over Henry.

The end of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s ending is even more heartbreaking.

Zelda, after finally finding her father, returns to the Hyrule Castle and is welcomed back by the other residents.

We see that the young princess has become more determined and determined to find her father’s treasure, which the other inhabitants are all fighting over.

We learn that Zelda was once a young girl and had fallen in love with a young boy named Link.

The young boy, who now calls himself Link, is now her father.

She wants to find him and take him back to her, and Zelda goes on a quest to find Link.

As the two of them travel, we see that Link has grown stronger, and he finally defeats Link and becomes Zelda’s father.

However, Zelda’s quest ends with Link’s death