How to watch the best movies from Irish cinemas

What is the best Irish cinema in the world?

That is the question that has dogged the country for decades, and it was answered in the 2016 edition of the Irish Cinemas Industry Association’s rankings.

Dublin’s La Barge Street is considered to be the best of all of Ireland’s film theatres, followed by Liffey Street and Leith Street.

The Top 10 is divided into four categories: Cinema, Cinemas and Cinemas-only (including Cinemas Cinemas) Cinemas are the mainstay of the moviegoing experience.

These include Irish films from around the world, with a focus on Ireland’s history, culture, geography and people.

Cinema-only movies tend to be in the same genre as a traditional cinema but are not as commercial as they are for a theatre run by a commercial body, such as the Irish Film Corporation.

The aim is to get the most people in to see the film, as well as keeping audiences engaged with the film.

Cameras-exclusive films tend to have a more traditional feel to them.

They are a more cinematic experience, with more of the audience involved in the movie.

Some are made with the same actors and actors in a more intimate setting, while others feature actors from other Irish film-makers.

Curious about how your favourite Irish film is ranked?

Here’s our guide to find out!1.

La Bargie Street (1941)The story of a couple trying to navigate the Irish landscape in the 1940s is told through the lives of two young men: Tom Harkin and Harry Maitland.

Harkin is a hard-nosed journalist who is driven to get to the bottom of the murder of his wife in the summer of 1940.

Maitwood, the son of a minister and the son-in-law of a former Irish Prime Minister, is a writer, photographer and a talented artist.2.

Liffeys Day (1947)The classic tale of two families on the edge of a mountain as they battle to find themselves in the midst of a terrible plague is set in the 19th century, when an epidemic wipes out most of Ireland.3.

L’Etrangeur (1946)In this Irish classic, the lead character is a young man who dreams of becoming a doctor.

He has the courage to walk into a hospital and begins to treat patients in an attempt to save his life.4.

Lillian (1951)In Lillian, a young woman, Claire (Catherine Murphy), becomes a teacher, but is haunted by memories of her past as a teenager.5.

The Liffy Street Movie (1952)In 1954, director Martin McGinley takes a journey to find the truth about his past.6.

Lóibh na na Bóine (1954)Director William Hickey (The Irish Times) tells the story of an Irish man and a young girl who escape from a brothel and go on a perilous journey across Europe to escape the clutches of a ruthless gang.7.

The House of Lillies (1957)The tale of an alcoholic who returns home to the town where he grew up and the people who surround him.8.

The Little Ones (1958)The film follows a young boy who returns to his childhood home after being kidnapped and raised by his parents.9.

The Lady of the Lake (1959)A young girl from the town of Tullow na Ngadh na Nga, who has a strange dream of a river flowing through her bedroom window, must discover the meaning of life and learn to trust her instincts in order to protect herself from the forces of evil.10.

The King of Limerick (1959)*Director Martin McGinnis returns to tell a story of the war of independence from Great Britain.

This time, however, it is the war against the British, and the story takes place in Dublin.