Microsoft’s Xbox One S is finally launching, and it’s the biggest video game console to date

Microsoft is bringing back its first-generation Xbox One console in a big way.

The new console is Microsoft’s first to be launched on the same day it was announced, in late October.

It will be the second console in the family, following the Xbox 360, which launched in late 2013 and was followed by the Xbox One.

This new console will cost $399 for the 32GB model, or $499 for the 64GB model.

The console will also have a $50 price cut on select games from other companies, including Ubisoft, Valve, Sony, and Microsoft.

Here’s a quick rundown of the hardware features, as well as the Xbox-exclusive games Microsoft is planning to release for the console.

It’s worth noting that some of the console’s features, such as a built-in headset, are exclusive to the Xbox version of the Xbox, but Microsoft says that “all Xbox One owners will be able to enjoy the same games on the new console.”

Microsoft is also announcing that it will start shipping the Xbox 720 console on November 14th.

Here’s a breakdown of the features that Microsoft is announcing:The new Xbox One will have a number of features that are exclusive only to the new Xbox console.

The most notable of which is the addition of an HDMI 2.0 input, which lets gamers hook up a TV to the console and use it as a video display.

The Xbox 720 will also be available with the Xbox app, which allows you to control the Xbox from a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Microsoft also announced that its new Xbox gamepad, which is a Bluetooth-enabled controller with a stylus, will be available on the console starting November 7th.

Here are some of Microsoft’s exclusives for the new hardware:Microsoft is also releasing a new TV remote for the Xbox.

This remote will be compatible with the new consoles HDMI 2 and 4 input, and will work with the company’s new “next generation” console, which will be launched in early 2016.

The Xbox One is Microsoft.

It is the first gaming console to come out of Redmond, Washington, since Microsoft bought out Sony in 2014.

Microsoft is aiming to have the console available by the end of the year, with a November 7 launch planned for the first day of availability.

Microsoft will also release a new version of its Windows 10 operating system later this year, and the Xbox team is currently working on adding support for a new mobile OS, Xbox Mobile, to Windows 10.