A video of a girl and her pet dog being killed by a mob in Bihar

Anamita Bichagadi and her 11-year-old son were attacked by a group of men in a village in eastern Bihar on Saturday, police said.

The boys, who were playing in the garden of their house when the attack took place, sustained serious injuries, while Bichamani, a resident of the same village, sustained a puncture wound to her leg, police spokesman Subhash Keshav told Reuters.

The villagers had seen the attackers and reported the incident to the police.

Bichapati, who is also a doctor, rushed to the spot, and the attackers fled on foot.

Her son, Abhinav, who lives with her, also suffered a punctured lung and was treated at a hospital in the city of Patna, police added.

The family was evacuated to the nearby district hospital in Bhiwandi, where they were shifted to a private hospital.

“The villagers came to our house and saw that they were attacked,” Bichaghadi said, adding that she and her husband, who are both from a village near the village, rushed out of their home.

“They said that the villagers were drunk, and we rushed out.

The mob then surrounded us and tried to rape us,” she said.

“The villagers fought back and managed to save us.”

The attackers were later apprehended by the police, who brought them to a nearby hospital, where Bichar, who was pregnant, was treated.

A group of villagers was also present at the scene and reportedly witnessed the attack, police told The Times of India.

Police said they are investigating the incident.

“We are investigating and will ensure the speedy investigation of the case,” a police official said.

Police have detained nine people, including one who was reportedly a local leader, for their involvement in the attack.

The other four suspects have been released on bail, the police official added.

A video of the attack shows Bichat being beaten by the attackers.

The video has gone viral on social media platforms, garnering nearly 9.3 million views on Facebook.