When the police arrested a Pakistani man in the U.S., it left him confused

When a police officer in a California suburb arrested a suspect, it left the suspect confused about why he was being arrested.

According to a police report, the man, who is not being identified because he was not arrested, was arrested in November after he allegedly made racist comments at a mosque and had a “savage” conversation with a white police officer.

The man, a Pakistani citizen of Pakistani origin, told the officer that he wanted to be a Muslim and that he had “seen many Muslims kill Muslims.”

The officer, who was a Muslim himself, asked the man if he was a member of a terrorist organization.

The police report says the man said, “No, I am a Muslim.”

When the officer told him that he was under arrest for being a terrorist, the suspect began to get angry and yelled at him, “I want to kill you.”

According to the police report:The officer responded by saying, “That’s not a good reason to arrest a Muslim, that’s a bad reason to make an arrest.”

The man responded by telling the officer, “You’re the racist one.”

When police officers arrested the suspect in June, he said he was confused and that the police were trying to use the incident as an excuse to go after Muslims in general.

“They are arresting us for being Muslim and they are trying to make it a terrorist incident,” the suspect told NBC News.

The suspect’s brother told NBC affiliate KGO that his brother was arrested because he had said “I will kill you and I will kill my mother and father, and I am going to kill the white people.”

The suspect said he has “no problem with the fact that he is a Muslim,” but that he felt like the police was trying to justify his arrest.

“The reason they arrested me was because I made a racist comment.

The reason they put me in jail is because of my comments,” he said.”

I feel like the officers were trying very hard to justify their actions and they’re trying to push people into jail for things that they don’t really know anything about,” he added.