When Google makes an error, the company is more likely to fix it than it is to sue

Google’s lawsuit against the National Labor Relations Board is expected to be one of the biggest antitrust lawsuits ever filed in the U.S. The company claims the NLRB improperly targeted its competitors for anti-union activities and then tried to punish them for bringing up those grievances to the board.

The complaint, filed Wednesday, charges that Google has “engaged in anti-competitive behavior by engaging in practices that are designed to limit the ability of competitors to organize, collectively bargain, and collectively bargain collectively for better wages and working conditions,” such as paying less than a typical minimum wage, paying workers less for similar work, and requiring employees to sign contracts that include clauses barring them from organizing.

The NLRB is investigating the company, which is based in Mountain View, Calif.

Google says it has reached agreements with workers in other states and other countries.

The NLRB has not confirmed any settlement discussions with Google.

Google says it is seeking unspecified monetary damages, as well as unspecified class-action relief.