What’s the most annoying thing you’ve had to say about yourself in a video?

The Times Of India has taken to Twitter to answer this question.

The first video to be tagged by the Times of Indian is titled “A few words to my wife”, which is a clip from an interview the actor gave to a news channel last month.

It’s titled after a moment when Chaalbaas wife Anabelle asked him why he wasn’t with her.

In the clip, Chaalbaz replies, “What I am, I am not.

I am just the human being.”

Chalbazi also mentions how he is constantly “pushing” Anabela, a word which could have been used by her father when he told her to get her hair done.

“You should never be like that, Anabel.

I do not want you to get your hair done, even when I say you should.

That’s not my nature,” he said.

ChalBaz has previously spoken about his own struggles with his wife and the problems he has faced in his life.

In 2015, he wrote a book called ‘A Very Personal Life’ which detailed his struggles and the hardships he has had to overcome.

He said in the book that his wife Anaelle had given him a very hard time, which he said he didn’t even know about.

“She was the one that pushed me.

She made me feel ashamed, like I am a failure, even though I am so humble and I am the best of my generation,” he wrote in the autobiography.”

And she was the only one that could say that I was the problem, that I am lazy and that I don’t work hard enough.

She was the first person who ever made me realise that my wife is not the problem.

I was always thinking that it is just me, and she was always the one who always wanted to help me.”

Chaalbaax has not commented on the video, but has tweeted about it.

“What you’re saying about me, it’s not true,” he tweeted.