What to watch this week as the NFL season ends

NFL Nation is counting down the top games to watch in Week 10.

The league’s schedule is expected to be released next week, and while the schedule will be full of surprises, here are a few things you should know before you get to the games.

• The Giants are expected to play two games in Week 12 and one in Week 13.

• It’s expected the Browns will play two more games in Weeks 14 and 15, including a bye week.

The Titans are not expected to host any games in the Week 16 week.

• There are two more regular-season games scheduled for Week 16, but one of them will likely be a rematch with the Cowboys.

The Dolphins will play the 49ers on Sunday, Sept. 14.

The Giants will host the Vikings on Thursday, Sept, 15.

• In Week 17, the Redskins will host a game between the Titans and Panthers.

• All six NFC teams are expected in Week 17.

• One more NFL team is expected in the NFC West, with the Rams and Chargers both playing in Week 16.

• On the flip side, there’s a chance the Chargers and Rams will be on the road, while the Raiders and Cowboys are expected at home.

• If you’re a Chargers fan, you should tune into Sunday’s game against the Chiefs.

It should be a pretty fun game to watch, but the Chargers are coming off a 34-28 loss at the hands of the Chiefs on Sunday.

The Chargers have won just one of their past eight home games against the Raiders.

• Last week, the Ravens won at home against the Steelers, but it’s been a long road to get to this point.

They were 0-2 at home this season, including 0-1 in Week 1.

They’re now 4-2 overall against the AFC West.

Baltimore is 5-1 on the season at home, including 1-1 at home with the Broncos.

• Finally, the Chargers face the Jets in Week 18, which could be a big game for the Chargers.

The Jets have won two straight, including an overtime thriller at home last year.

The team is now 5-0 at home over the past four seasons.

The Jaguars have won three straight and three of four at home in 2017.

• Lastly, the Cardinals face the Chargers in Week 19, which should be another high-scoring affair.

The Cardinals are 6-1 all-time in home games, including 2-1 with a win over the Eagles.

They are 3-0 in the past five at home overall, including 3-1 this season.

The Colts are 6:15 p.m.

ET Sunday on ESPN.

The rest of the Week 10 games are expected next week.