How to stop the apocalypse

An apocalypse, a post-apocalyptic world where civilization is gone and the humans have been hunted down, is the last word on the subject.

What could it possibly mean for humans?

And how do we prepare for it?

Here are five things you should know about the apocalypse.


We’ll be left with no choice but to die 1.

The apocalypse isn’t a matter of if, but when.

In fact, in some ways, it could be the end of the world as we know it.

If humans fail to prevent the catastrophic end of civilisation, it will happen at any time.


The end of civilization is inevitable If you’re living in a society where you can’t get food, shelter, medicine or electricity, you’re going to die.

This is because survival is always dependent on resources.

In an apocalypse, resources will run out, and this will inevitably happen.


There will be a mass exodus We already know that humans are going to have to leave behind a lot of material possessions to survive.

This will make it very hard for people to find other jobs or get on with their lives.

If this happens, people will either starve to death or be forced to move to other countries, where they won’t be able to afford to live.


The only way to avoid the apocalypse is to work together to create a utopia In a post apocalyptic world, cooperation will be crucial.

But the apocalypse won’t necessarily be about survival.

The question is how much of what we’ve made will survive.


The world is already dying because humans are dying It’s easy to think that there will be no end to the suffering caused by the apocalypse, but the reality is that we will die.

In some ways it will be the same as when we lived on Earth before the big bang, when our planet was bombarded by radiation.

This radiation would destroy some of the organisms that are part of our DNA, which could make us immortal.

This means that we could be living on a planet that is already overpopulated and is slowly dying, so to speak.

If you think the world is dying, think again.

Humans are already dying.

5:10 The end is nigh The world has already been on Earth for about 8.7 billion years.

At the current rate of change, the earth is about to be overpopulating and there will likely be no escape from this situation.

In the end, we may be facing the most terrifying possibility we’ve faced since the end days of the dinosaurs.

We don’t know how long we’re going be able and what will happen to the planet.

But it is clear that the end is coming.