A new movie trailer: ‘The Boy Next Door’

New movie trailer by Warner Bros. to be released in New York on Thursday.

New movie trailer to be unveiled at the upcoming NYCC event.

It’s called ‘TheBoyNextDoor’ and it is a dark comedy about the lives of two kids who are bullied by their neighborhood’s bully.

The movie is being released in the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Mexico. 

It is being produced by the comedy team of Ben Stiller and Adam McKay.

Here’s the official trailer:TheBoy Next Door is the story of an orphaned boy who is sent to live with his father.

After living with him for years, the boy grows up to be a man of many talents and skills, but also a boy with a conscience and a secret.

He begins to question his own innocence, the ethics of his actions and the true nature of what he has become.

As his family struggles with the loss of a beloved dog, the son is forced to face his own fears, and confront his own past.

Written and directed by Ben Stillo, the film stars Adam McKay, Ben Stilla, Lauren Lapkus, David Harbour, Scott Bakula, Michael Jai White and David Schwimmer.