When a dog’s life is in danger, his owner decides to save it

The dog’s owner was rescued from an abandoned house in Bengaluru on Friday by a group of rescuers who took the pup for medical attention after he was found with an overdose of drugs.

It was an extraordinary act of courage that came as a surprise to many, especially when he had been kept for over two months in an indoor animal shelter, said Tushar Singh, the founder of the group Save The Dog Rescue, who was part of the rescue operation.

The rescuers had seen the pup wandering around and said he was not getting along with the staff and the neighbours.

They went to the home in Kanumba district and rescued the dog.

He was found to have an overdose in his stomach and it was only after they took him to a hospital that he was declared stable.

Singh said the dog was a rescue dog for dogs that are suffering from heart disease and had been neglected in the shelter.

The rescue team had to leave the dog at the shelter to get treatment, but the dog is being cared for by a veterinarian at the city’s Gopalpur Veterinary College.

The dog was taken to the city police station where he is undergoing treatment.

Singh said the rescuers were shocked when they found out that he had an overdose.

The rescued dog was brought to the police station for further treatment.