ISIS video is a ‘biggest moment’ in history

ISIL fighters are using a new tactic in their campaign to take control of the city of Raqqa, Syria.

They have taken control of two high-rise buildings in the city that they have captured and are using as command centers for their propaganda videos, according to an analysis by the SITE Intelligence Group, a Washington-based intelligence firm.

The group has not yet released a video in English.SITE said the videos were released on Tuesday and that they were taken from the offices of the Syrian Civil Defense, an umbrella organization that is fighting ISIL in the country.

The groups video releases were the first of the year to be released by the extremist group.

ISIL has released several videos in recent months that are heavily edited to portray its fighters as a disciplined force of martyrs, the SITG said.

The SITE analysis said the groups video released was likely filmed in a location known as al-Qaeeda, which is also a rebel stronghold.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a London-based monitoring group, said on Tuesday that ISIL captured al-Quaeedah from government forces in May.

The Raqqa video is part of an ambitious strategy to establish a caliphate across parts of Syria and Iraq that would be a major turning point in the conflict.

It would be the largest, most significant military defeat of the Islamic State, according the U.S. military, which says it has captured more than 5,000 Islamic State fighters and captured more of its leaders.

ISIL has been fighting to take the city, Syria’s largest, for more than a year.

The militant group has been in the final stages of its offensive and has been advancing towards Raqqa since mid-March, when it captured a third of the country from Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces.

Syrian government forces are fighting to retake the city.

The U.N. Security Council on Tuesday approved a $2.2 billion aid package for the Syrian opposition, which includes $1.5 billion for the country’s main rebel group, the National Coalition, to help train and equip its fighters and equip them with weaponry.

Syria’s president, Bashar al