How to get rid of your favorite poop videos

Peejamas are for babies.

That’s why we love them.

But you know what else is cute?

Your poop videos.

If you’re not familiar with poop videos, they’re videos of adorable animals being pooped out.

And they’re great.

They’re a great way to get your children involved in something fun.

Here are a few tips for how to get the poo out.


Make a poop emoji.

This is the most difficult step to get done.

Pee-worthy animals can be adorable, but poop emoji can be even more adorable.

If your kids aren’t familiar with emoji, check out this video of the poop emoji in action.


Create a custom emoji.

You can customize your poop emoji by selecting your favorite animal or animal-related emoji, and clicking the “Customize” button.


Create an image for your poop.

The easiest way to create a poop video is to select an image of an adorable animal and then use the “Create” button on your computer.


Make your poop a GIF.

If using your smartphone, you can use the PeePee app to create an emoji GIF for your video.

To use this method, first find an adorable poop emoji and then choose a GIF file that fits your video style.


Make an animated poop.

If it’s a video that uses animated poop, like this video, then you can create an animated GIF to use for your gif.

This technique uses a gif file to create the animation and then you add the animation to your video later on. 6.

Make the poop a viral video.

If creating an animated gif takes a lot of work, you might be interested in creating an adorable animated poop video.

The trick here is to use a GIF and then add the animated poop to your original video later.


Create your own poop emoji video.

Here’s how to create your own adorable poop video with a cute poop emoji: 1.

Click on the video’s “Add Video” button and select “Animated GIF.”


Select an image that fits the video you’re making, then click “Add.”


Add your poop animation to the end of the GIF.

You’ll get an animated animation for your own video.


Save the GIF, then select it as your video and then play the GIF to get an adorable animation.


Watch your poop video, and then share it on Instagram.

This video is already trending, and it’s definitely trending.

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